Dog Act

Written by: Liz Duffy Adams
Directed by: Stephanie Shaw

February 7-17, 2018
Studio 404
72 E. 11th Street

The world is a ruinous, lawless wasteland but for vaudevillian performer Zetta Stone, that spells opportunity! Alongside her trusty Dog (a young man undergoing a voluntary species demotion), Zetta treks the sundered States toward a mythical land called “China,” where she hopes to perform for the King. But when the expedition is persistently derailed, it seems like the travelling duo will never reach their theatrical zenith. Dog Act is “peppered with astonishing… eruptions of storytelling” (San Francisco Chronicle)—where even after the apocalypse, the show must go on!


Directed by Stephanie Shaw
Set Design: Oreum Chang
Costume Design: Frances Maggio
Lighting Design: Patrick Hernandez
Music Director: Andra Velis Simon
Sound Design: Matthew Chase
Makeup Design: Andrew Casey
Props Design: Kevin Rolf
Production Stage Manager: Kacey Bradshaw


Emil Sueck: Dog
Winter Sherrod: Zetta Stone
Tristin Hall: Jo-Jo the Bald-Faced Liar
Emma Sheikh: Vera Similitude
Nicolas Del Valle Jr.: Coke
Brandon Nelson: Bud

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