The Conference of the Birds

Based on the poem by Attar of Nishapur
Written by: Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carrière
Directed by: John Green

April 18-28, 2018
Studio 404
72 E. 11th Street

Without the presence of Simorgh—a mythical bird from Iranian mythology—the birds of the world have no direction. To find their beloved King, the flock must travel far through harrowing deserts and valleys, tempted by such vices as lust, greed, and apathy. Based on an ancient Persian poem, The Conference of the Birds floats between mysticism and the crucible of faith, nesting in contemplation of the Great Question: What is the essence of the soul?


Directed by John Green
Choreography: Lesley Keller
Dramaturge: Riad Ismat
Set Design: Mariah Pendleton
Puppet Design: Therese Ritchie
Costume Design: Tom Kieffer
Lighting Design: Lena Aubrey
Sound Design: Daniel Hosfield
Makeup and Mask Design: Glenese Hand
Props Design: Devon Green
Fight Choreography/Stick Work: David Woolley
Production Stage Manager: JuJu Laurie



Hoopoe: Kat Harbison

The Conference

Dove: Sareh Ma’ani
Falcon: Janet Henriques
Widow Bird: Koshie Mills
Nicobar Pigeon: Carson Schroeder
Heron: Tina-Kim Nguyen
Sparrow: Karla Martin

Puppet Birds

Dove: Becca Parsons
Falcon: Redding Tews
Widow Bird: Emma Younger
Nicobar Pigeon: Naiya Davis
Heron: Cristina Rodriguez
Sparrow: Sarah Kinn

Spirit Birds

Dove: Sheryl Williams
Falcon: Madelyn Stuenkel
Widow Bird: Gina Martin
Nicobar Pigeon: Taylor Griffith
Heron: Marcia Eastmond
Sparrow: Chloe Adamo


1st King, Peacock, Gravedigger, Chamberlain: Ja’kira Abdul
Slave, Partridge, Nightingale, Soldier: Mayrany Aranda
2nd Beggar, Duck, Saint, 1st Moth: Julia Aquistapace
2nd Slave, Dervish, 1st Thief, The Spinner: Cynthia Harmon
Owl, Old Man,Player, Mother: Danielle Lynch
3rd King, Princess, Blind Man, Young Man: Jade Moreno
Princess, Bat, Woman, Young Woman: Amari Phillips
1st Beggar, Waiting Woman, Traveller, Astrologer: Chloe Stevenson
2nd King, Parrot, 2nd Traveller, Hermit: Jamia Taylor
1st Slave, 2nd Thief, Walking Bird, 2nd Moth: Hannah Wein

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