Fefu and Her Friends

April 19-29, 2017
Written by: Maria Irene Fornés
Directed by: Brian Shaw


Eight extraordinary women meet to plan an event celebrating the creative impulse and their connection with universal energy. The audience actively joins their journey, moving between public and private spaces as stones are turned over, shots are fired and emotions bristle, revealing complex private lives that are reckless, erotic and filled with self-doubt.


Cast of Characters

Katheryn Pucillo: Fefu
Anna Jones: Cindy
Joya Horne: Christina
Samantha Grimes: Julia
Zoë Sapienza: Emma
Jade Moreno: Paula
Lucy Brooks: Sue
Gillian Mueller: Cecilia


Production STAFF

Director: Brian Shaw
Scenic Designer: Evan Frank
Lighting Designer: Ben Carne
Costume Designer: Annaliese Voci
Makeup Designer: Kirin Ng, Lily Bingham
Sound Designer: Patrick Zalesko
Composer: Jared Sutton
Television Producer: Abby Guerra
Stage Manager: Jake Fedorowski