October 6-8, 2015
Written and Directed by: Steven Dykes, Rose Bruford College, United Kingdom


At a time when the United States’ volunteer army is stretched to breaking point, Glockenspiel explores the war on the home front, the alliances formed by those left behind, and the sense of betrayal and rage that undermines trust, support, and hope. While tackling issues of race, class, and sex, the play also celebrates the humor and spirit of ordinary people trapped in an extraordinary situation.


Cast of Characters

Alicia Watley: Debra
Shenise Brown: Yolanda
Jesimiel Jaddua: Andre
Katharine Harbison: Eloise
Almanya Narula: Zinnie
Christopher ‘Topher’ Loos: Josh
Amanda Lopez: Carmen
Evelyn Hilleren: Justine


Production STAFF

Producer: Brian Shaw
Director: Steven Dykes
Scenic Designer: Hayden Penn
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Carne
Sound Designer: Antonino LaCorte
Stage Manager: Madisen Dempsey
Assistant Director: Spencer Diedrick
Special Thanks: Ben Sutherland, John Green, Michael Earley, Kat Keers, EJ Talbot, and the good people at Skype.