Love and Information

March 9-19, 2016
Written by: Caryl Churchill
Directed by: John Green


Technology makes it possible for everyone to make contact at lightning speed, and yet the process has also made it almost impossible for people to genuinely connect and experience intimacy. In the age of information overload, how do we find the time to distinguish between the superficial and the genuine? Flicking through TV channels with the remote, or surfing the internet, the digital society has rendered our lives as shards and slivers of reality open to limitless interpretation. 


At one level, Love and Information is an investigation of “memory,” a memory play. A central scene (“Memory House”) explores and illustrates the technique for developing a strong memory created by the ancient Greeks, which survived up to the time of the Renaissance and was only supplanted by the introduction of printing and the mass availability of books. It also evokes memories of Churchill’s earlier works: her fascination with gender politics and families, the socio-political environment, the manner in which history weighs on the present time, the role of religion in society, together with her formal experiments in combining spoken text with dance, and her belief that the playwright is just one of the collaborators in the creation of a piece of theatre.


Talior Arnold
Dane Avdon
Sierra Buffum
Jessica Casillas
Sarah Cohen
Austin Ebert
Evelyn Finne
David Gallo
Tristin Hall
Alicia Kraft
Karen Lefferts
Jon Levert

Addison Lewis
Carmen Liao
Mariah Morria Aya
Naoki Nakatani
Almanya Narula
Brandon Nelson
Gage Nelson
Marti Skoler
Jelani Smith
Alicia Watley
Rebecca Whittenhall
Mahaila Woods


Production STAFF

Director: John Green
Dramaturg: Cassie Scaman
Choreographer: Ligia Sandoval and Jennifer Ledesma
Set Designer: Kevin Rolfs
Lighting Designer: William Allen
Costume Designer: Melanie Green, Charlotte Golden, Sasha Markgraf and Liana Prokopis
Makeup Designer: Claudia Roy
Sound Designer: Antonino LaCorte
Stage Manager: Jessica Humke