Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

A musical adaptation of Pedro Almodovar's film of the same name.

February 10-20, 2016

Book by: Jeffrey Lane
Music and Lyrics by: David Yazbek
Directed by: Amy Uhl
Choreography by: Courtney Ring


Madrid. 1988. The city pulses with art, industry, and passion. Pepa’s world, however, is unraveling. First her lover Ivan leaves her. And then she meets his ex-wife. And his son. And his new girlfriend. All with grief and unresolved issues of their own. Meanwhile, Pepa’s best friend is entangled in a romantic crisis with a suspected criminal. The story revolves around women and the men who pursue them: finding them, losing them, needing them, and rejecting them. 


Cast of Characters

Abbi Bell: Marisa
Tyler Franklin: Paulina
Brandy Miller: Candela
Veronica Oczominski: Pepa
Louis Panayiotou: Carlos
Darren Patin: Taxi Driver
Michael Rawls: Ivan
Katelyn Renze: Lucia


Production STAFF

Director: Amy Uhl
Music Director: Michael Kaish
Choreographer: Courtney Ring
Scenic Designer: Charles “Chas” Mathieu
Sound Designer: Keegan Bradac, Amanda Ziegler
Stage Manager: Mary Brennan
Makeup Designer: Emily Spindler
Costume Designer: Tracee Bear