2016-17 Mainstage Season

How do these plays and musicals, stemming from the cultural attitudes of different historical times and places, address the idea of communal energy and the individual's relationship to it?" -From the 2016-17 season introduction by John Green


As You Like It

San Francisco, 1967. Silvius loves Phoebe who loves Ganymede who is actually Rosalind who loves Orlando, and all the world’s a stage in this 400-year-old gem of a play that explores the age-old puzzle: Do we choose who we are, who we love, and how we love?


Once on This Island

Once upon a time, a beautiful peasant girl fell in love with a handsome, rich bachelor. Long before The Bachelor TV series, this colorful musical about love and fate on a tropical island was a smashing success on Broadway.


Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt is the original “bad boy”—a liar, a brawler, and a womanizer. After his wealthy father becomes a drunkard and loses his fortune, Peer becomes determined to restore what was lost, becoming lost himself in false pride, self-delusion, and exotic adventures, while making enemies along the way.


Little Shop of Horrors

A happy little musical of love and murder on Skid Row. A Faustian bargain made—a neighborhood transformed.


Fefu and Her Friends

Eight extraordinary women meet to plan an event celebrating the creative impulse and their connection with universal energy. The audience actively joins their journey, moving between public and private spaces as stones are turned over, shots are fired, and emotions bristle, revealing complex private lives that are reckless, erotic and filled with self-doubt.